Scott A. Morris

Dr. Scott A. Morris

Dr. Morris’ research focuses on devising and developing new engineering technologies for the food production and packaging industries: Defect Imaging: In conjunction with the Beckman Center for Advanced Research, using ultrasound and optically computed tomography, the University of Illinois Packaging Laboratory has developed experimental technologies that are being used to evaluate defects in package seals and structures for use in preventing post-processing contamination. Process Optimization: Using simulation modeling of packaging lines, the University of Illinois Packaging Laboratory has demonstrated that it is both feasible and profitable to implement operational modifications to increase productivity. In a major food company’s packaging plant, analysis and restructuring of machine operation protocols resulted in a $1.6 million per year increase in production, with no additional capital investment. Security: Using cryptographic techniques as well as advanced optical information technologies, preliminary investigations are being conducted into the feasibility of providing high security verification markings for structures such as food and pharmaceutical packages. This research is directed at determining whether or not it is both possible and practical to include information verifying shipment source and contents during distribution. Informatics: Work is underway to determine the nature and extent of impact of information systems associated with the manufacture, distribution and use of both consumer and industrial products and materials.

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