Pawan Takhar

Dr. Pawan Takhar

Dr. Takhar uses porous media physics to study food and bioprocessing applications via mathematical modeling and experimental validation. He focuses on making further improvements in the multiscale hybrid mixture theory (HMT) with applications in swelling biopolymers. His research group has applied the theory for predicting fluid transport and stress-crack initiation in foods; performing macroscale and microstructural experiments (using NMR imaging, X-ray tomography and scanning electron microscopy) for obtaining further insight into transport mechanisms; solving unsaturated transport problems such as frying and starch expansion during extrusion; designing controlled release applications; and adapting the concepts from transport theories to work with food safety problems (fractional differential equations based new application in this field). Numerous bioprocesses such as drying, sorption, solvent transport, controlled release, conditioning, cooking, storage etc. can be addressed using his general approach on transport mechanisms. His team has also performed validation experiments on continuous and intermittent drying, and sorption to develop strategies for obtaining foods with reduced fractures and fried foods with lower fat content.

Associate Professor;; more detail here.